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Make this your best sales year ever!


 Skyrocket Selling!

 Increase Your Sales by 50% in the Next 30 Days

Learn to Create a Can't Miss, Proven and Practical
Selling System for Your Business!

Date: Friday, December 3, 2004:  12:00 Noon to 4:00pm
Rutherford-Meadows Office Complex
301 Route 17 North - 1st fl Conference Center,
Rutherford, NJ 07070 201-939-6644

Who Should Attend: Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Sales Professionals, Any one who want to grow their business and make more money!

Why You Should Attend: No matter how good your products and service are if no is buying them it doesn't really matter! It's all about closing the deal! Learn easy step-by-step proven methods to close more deals in less time.

This is What You Will Learn in My Course:

Create a "Business Value Proposition" so people know immediately what you do and how you can help them.

Get more prospects immediately by having a "Marketing Offer" to bring prospects into your business world.

Have a "Sales Master Plan" for your business so you have a road map to keep you on track to your success.

Proven easy-to-use techniques to increase sales when you are: Person-to-Person, Telemarketing, Direct Mail, E-mail and the Internet.

The "Eight Key Steps" you need to know to Close Every Deal.

Appointment preparation and presentation skills are critical to having the deal half way closed before you even meet your prospect.

Handle objections to close more business now!

How using Contact Management Software can Increase your Productivity and Make you More Money!

Learn the Power of Selling through Referrals

Time Management the Key to Your Sales Success

Learn How to Set Goals to Reach Your dreams!

Small Business Resources Guide all the resources you need to run a successful business

What You Will Receive:

Small Business Success Guide and Course Manual this 100 page reference manual has everything you need to increase your sales now and in the future! (a $99 Value)

10 Low Cost/No Cost Techniques You Can Use Immediately to Close More Business in 30 Days! CD ROM (a $29 Value)

Guerrilla Networking: 10 Proven Techniques You Need To Know To Network Successfully And Get More Leads Immediately! CD ROM (a $29 Value)

That's over $150 in take home value not to mention what you will learn at the seminar!

I urge you to sign up below for this
informative and powerful seminar!

Work with me Oreste "Rusty" D'Aversa President
of Skyrocket Selling: a business owner, former sales manager and "bag carrying" sales person with over 20 year sales experience who has generate millions of dollars of sales revenues.  Close more deals now!

Course Fee: Network PLUS MEMBERS Pay:
$99 in Advance and $129 at the door for

Click here to go to www.joinnetworkplus.com 

$149 in Advance and $199 at the Door

Space is Limited so Register Early!

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