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Sales eLearning

Increase Your Sales For Less Than 42 Cents a Day!

World security and health conditions along with the economy and extremely tight time schedules contribute to the need to find alternative ways to keep selling skills and strategies current in an ever changing marketplace.

"We see training as insurance on our biggest asset - human resources. Find me a company without that insurance, that has stopped training its salespeople, and I'll target that market and that company and have its business by year's end."
David Barcusee of Bergen-Brunswig.
- Sales & Marketing Management Magazine

There is no question that we either stay current or lose. But how?

We now live in a new reality. Travel is limited, time is short, money is scarce. This simply means that we have to begin to learn how to learn in a way that will recognize this new reality and a way that is capable of producing results similar to that which can be achieved in the classroom.

Sales Training Online

Knowledge Base Courses
- Functional Product/Service/Company Knowledge
- Competitor Analysis

- Profile and Qualify
- Key Decision-Maker Roles
- Research the Prospect

Prospecting Contact Methods
- Telephone Cold Calling
- Voice Mail Strategies
- Networking
- Asking for Referrals
- Passive Letter Contact Leveraging Series
- Interest Mailer Contact Leveraging Series

Prospecting Strategy and Funnel Management
- Tele-Blitzing
- Ratio Management
- Funnel Management

Central Sales Process
- Interpersonal Communications Strategies
- Trust Rapport Building
- Active Listening
- A.C.E. Value Selling Model
- Closing Strategies
- Value Proposition

Reference Library Section (Not Interactive)
- Objections: Preventing and Responding
- Strategic Sales Plan: Tactics
- Presentation Formats
- Closing Strategies
- Question Structures

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Customer Service Training Online

Front-line customer service professionals can now get the observable, measurable "mission critical" skills training they need online.

These short courses are taught in an interactive, engaging and easy to navigate format and are offered at a very low cost. And, they meet the certification standards set forth by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD).

1. Mission Critical customer care skill sets taught in courses designed for both telephone and face-to-face interactions:
- Telephone Etiquette
- Trust & Rapport Building
- Active Listening Skills
- Problem Solving
- Defusing Anger
- Interpersonal Communications Strategies
- Stress Control

2. Observable skills that provide measurable outcomes:
- Diagnostic questions can show areas where improvement is needed
- Tests at the end of each module demonstrate knowledge gained
- Test results are e-mailed to up to three people you designate
- Skills observation checklist to demonstrate transfer of knowledge and skill back on the job

3. Optional facilitator's practice session and coaching guide available for download online (PDF). Job Aids now available:
- Practice the skill sets course by course in sequence and collectively
- Use observation checklists to identify areas needing improvement
- Use online coaching guide to help students achieve unprecedented results

4. Highly interactive and engaging course designs. Learning activities include:
- Smart Schools
- Multiple choice, fill in the blank and true/false questions
- Practice sessions
- Drag and drop
- Listen and Learn

5. Low bandwidth (and equipment requirements):
- Pentium 133 with 33 K modem is all that is needed to enjoy learning these courses
- Prefer audio card with speakers or headset, but if not available, non-audio dependent alternative activities are provided
- Macromedia "Flash" player (standard with later versions most browsers)

6. Short complete courses:
- 30 minute target completion time per course
- Complete map for each module so you can stop midcourse and reenter at the next lesson

7. Membership Based Access:
- 12 full months access to all current and new courses as they become available
- Go in and out as often as you wish during the term of your membership for reinforcement and access to learning tips

8. Very low cost:
- Buy Online

Customer Service Courses
- Telephone Etiquette
- Trust and Rapport
- Active Listening
- Problem Solving
- Defusing Anger
- Interpersonal Communication Skills
- Stress Control
- Customer Service Excellence Job Aides
- Coaching Customer Service Skills Manual

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