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"I'll Show You How to Increase Your Sales
by 50% in the Next 30 Days"

Learn to Create a Can't Miss     Step-by-Step Selling System for Your Small Business!

You're a hard working entrepreneur, have a hot product or service but you're not making enough money!  Learn proven, systematic, easy-to-use, practical sales methods and techniques that you can duplicate time and time again to  create a Master Sales System close more business immediately!

This is What You Will Learn in My Course:

  • Create a "Business Value Proposition" so people know immediately what you do and how you can help them.

  • Get more prospects immediately by having a "Marketing Offer" to bring prospects into your business world.

  • Have a "Sales Master Plan" for your business so you have a road map to keep you on track to your success.

  • Proven easy-to-use techniques to increase sales when you are: Person-to-Person, Telemarketing, Direct Mail, E-mail and the Internet.

  • The "Eight Key Steps" you need to know to Close Every Deal

  • Appointment preparation and presentation skills are critical to having the deal half way closed before you even meet your prospect.

  • Handle objections to close more business now!

  • How using Contact Management Software can Increase your Productivity and Make you More Money!

  • Learn the Power of Selling through Referrals

  • Time Management the Key to Your Sales Success

  • Learn How to Set Goals to Reach Your dreams!

  • Small Business Resources Guide all the resources you need to run a successful business

Here's How the Program Works

  • Total of 6 (six) - 1 (one) hour telephone consulting sessions plus a follow-up session 1 month after you complete the program to monitor your progress.

  • Each telephone session you will learn and consult on proven sales methods and techniques that you can use immediately to increase your sales revenues!

What You Will Receive

  • Small Business Success Guide and Course Manual this 100 page reference manual has everything you need to increase your sales now and in the future!

  • Open email correspondence for the length of the program.

Everybody sells! Learn professional recognized sales techniques and make more money in your business. Sell more effectively, increase your sales productivity, close more business and watch your income grow and grow and grow!

Contact me today at 201-727-9368 to get your
FREE Marketing and Sales Analysis (a $200 Value). Learn your strengths and areas that need improvement so you can start closing more business, generating more revenue and have more job satisfaction immediately!

Other Programs and Consulting Available

  • "Complex/Strategic/Consulting/Solution" Selling Solutions Training

  • Sales Department Hiring (Executive Recruiting), Strategic Sales Planning and Set-Up Consulting, Contract Employment

  • Sales Cycle Analysis Consulting

  • Sales Pipeline Analysis, Sales Forecasting Guidelines and Sales Pipeline Reporting with Training

  • Sales Questionnaire Development

  • Sales Software Implementation, Consulting and Training

  • Basic Sales Training in Specific Sales Skills

  • How to Turn Trade Shows into Goldmines

  • How to Close More Deals in Less Time Using the Internet

  • Sales Coaching for Executives

  • Web Design, Implementation, and Consulting

  • Custom Programs, Consulting and Training

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