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Training Classes (Onsite)

Classes delivered by me a senior sales management and training professional bringing "real world" experience with each and every class producing strong results in attendees.

Sales Training Classes
1. Value Selling Strategies P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model
Sales Professionals Academy
ACE Tele-Selling
ACE Objection Free Selling
Principled Negotiations
The Hunt
Competitor Analysis Strategy Session
Priority Prospect/Project (P3)
Time and Territory Management
Goal Setting
Tactical Training
Time Management
Custom Training

Sales Management Training Classes
1. Legacy Course for Sales Managers
Sales Coach
Reseller Strategy
Strategic and Tactical Planning for Business Development
Interviewing, Selecting and Hiring
Project Management

Customer Service Training Classes
1. Customer Service Excellence Series
Telephone Etiquette
Trust and Rapport
Active Listening Skills
Problem Solving
Defusing Anger
Stress Control


Sales Training

1. Value Selling Strategies P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model is a state of the art course designed to prevent objections, reduce price pressure and get the prospect to rule out the competition. Incorporates the Objection Free Selling system. ^ top

2. Sales Professionals Academy provides a week long comprehensive combination package of courses structured to follow the 10 phase, 53 step Major Accounts Strategic Sales Plan. Incorporates the Objection Free Selling system. ^ top

3. ACE Tele-Selling utilizes a powerful value selling model designed to prevent objections, reduce price pressure and get the prospect to rule out the competition - and do so over the phone. Incorporates the Objection Free Selling system. ^ top

4. ACE Objection Free Selling This "Best in Class" sales system works by putting in place the decision-making beliefs, that when missing, cause objections. Selling is the process of creating and reinforcing each of the critical Buyer Beliefs in the minds of qualified decision-makers. ACE provides the full spectrum of selling knowledge, skills and strategies to prevent objections starting with making contact with prospects going all the way to closing the sale. ^ top

5. Principled Negotiations is based on developing, setting and using standards as the focal point of the negotiations. Learn to transition non-negotiable position statements into highly negotiable statements of interest. ^ top

6. The Hunt provides multiple methods of making contact with each of the key decision makers involved in your sale. Methods to prevent initial contact objections and develop a monthly prospecting plan are included. ^ top

7. Objections - Preventing and Responding provides a unique perspective on handling objections - the notion that they can be prevented. Prevention and response strategies are provided for the 85 most common sales stopping objections. ^ top

8. Competitor Analysis Strategy Session results will answer the question, "How are you different?" It will let you know what objections you'll get when selling against each of your competitors and it will make your sales strategy readily apparent. ^ top

9. Priority Prospect/Project (P3) Strategy Session is singularly the most powerful method to cause dramatic boosts in sales. Target 80% or better closing ratio on all P3 opportunities. ^ top

10. Time and Territory Management basics are taught in this course. Setting priorities and strategies for traveling the territory are included. Learn about call frequency targets (by method of contact) that are ideal for most types of selling. ^ top

11. Goal Setting is a fundamental life skill that most people never really learn how to do. Just about every research study ever conducted demonstrate conclusively that people who use appropriate goal setting methods achieve at rates several times higher than people who don't. ^ top

12. Tactical Training is a custom curriculum designed based on the results of the Sales Diagnostic Questionnaire (SDQ). The SDQ looks at 204 observable skilled competencies in the 31 categories of selling. The needed modules are simply sewn together and for little additional cost, you the customer get a course that hits the bull's eye. ^ top

13. The Time Management course is designed to help individuals identify the areas in their lives that need to be better managed, to effectively prioritize their day and to maximize their productivity both at work and at home. ^ top

14. Custom Training classes based on your sales and training needs. ^ top

Sales Management Training

1. Legacy Course for Sales Managers contains four critical modules related to developing and leading a winning sales team - Interviewing, Selecting and Hiring, Leading and Motivating, Sales Coaching and Performance Appraisal. ^ top

2. Sales Coach provides the tools to know what to coach, when to coach and how to coach using a six step coaching process. ^ top

3. Reseller Strategy provides a systematic process to identify and select resellers appropriate to your company and a powerful involvement techniques to make sure your Value Added Reseller or distributor is working hard for you. ^ top

4. Strategic and Tactical Planning for Business Development starts with formulating the vision, mission and guiding principles for the sales department/team. From the mission you derive your critical success factors. From the critical success factors, the strategies, tactics and measurements can be defined. From the tactics and measurements you write the goals with action plans and resource needs. ^ top

5. Interviewing, Selecting and Hiring is one of most critical jobs a sales manager has to perform. Making errors on the front end can be very expensive. A "criteria driven" interviewing process can reduce errors by as much as 42%. ^ top

6. Project Management provides the tools and "know how" to orchestrate a project and bring it to a successful conclusion. ^ top

Customer Service Training

1. Customer Service Excellence Series is a two-day course that links five of the most critical customer service skills modules into one action packed course. ^ top

2. Telephone Etiquette helps us understand the standards we use to guide us in our interactions with our business callers. It will set the tone for the conversations to come. ^ top

3. Trust and Rapport brings us closer to our customers. The course teaches multiple methods to establish and strengthen trust and rapport. Not much else will happen until this is accomplished. ^ top

4. Active Listening Skills are essential life skills. This course teaches the skills and the context in which they should be used and when they should not be used. ^ top

5. Problem Solving is something we all do. Using a systematic model helps ensure we don't miss a step that could lead to solving one problem while creating another, jumping to conclusions and other similar hazards. ^ top

6. Defusing Anger is a three step process that should be done before problem solving. To solve the problem without resolving the anger will result in a satisfied angry customer. ^ top

7. Stress Control is a life skill that keeps the medical costs down. One research study by stress experts shows that 75% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress related issues. ^ top

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