Strategic Sales Planning

Sales revenue generation arguably the most important function in the company.  You can have the best product and service but if no one is buying it doesn't really matter.

Consulting is available technology companies in Strategic Sales Planning to determine your company's Sales Master Plan,  Target Revenue Achievement, implement and execute on how the sales function is going to deliver consist and long term revenues to your organization.

Consulting Services in the areas of:

  • Business Value Proposition - the most important thing you can say when meeting a prospect!

  • Target Marketing - get a laser beam focus on your market and prepare the appropriate message fro that market

  • Sales Plan Management - the foundation of sales success!

  • Marketing Offer - a strong tool to get better qualified prospects

  • Sales Force Automation Consulting - use contact management software to increase sales productivity, better time and territory management, a must have for business sales intelligence for the management team

  • Pipeline Management - keep the pipeline full of qualified prospects!

  • Monitor Sales Revenues - produce strong sales business intelligence

  • Hire the Proper Sales Talent - you need strong players to win

  • Change Management - to get your company to the next level

Generating sales is not a random event.  Decisions must be made as to what you are selling and to whom you are selling it to.  Tactics, systematic processes, methods and procedures  must be deployed to generate sales revenues on a consistent basis.

Work with me a senior sales management professional to reach and surpass your sales goals and objectives and surpass your sales goals!

Contact me today at 201-391-1921 to get your FREE Technology Marketing and Sales Assessment (a $500 Value). Learn your strengths and areas that need improvement so you can start closing more business, generating more revenue and have more job satisfaction immediately!

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