Sales Force Automation

How Standardizing Your Sales Processes Using Contact Management Software Can Increase Your Sales Revenues!

Standardizing sales processes in conjunction with Sales Force Automation (SFA) tools, also known as Contact Relationship Management (CRM) or Contact Management software offers businesses, large and small, important business intelligence to make critical decisions for the very survival and growth of a company.

The most critical step in moving forward with any type of sales force automation is to identify and standardize the Sales Cycle.  The sales cycle is the necessary steps required to close a deal.  Once the sales cycle has accurately been identified then Sales Forecasting Guidelines should be assigned to each step.  These guidelines or percentages for each step note the probability that this deal is going to close in a given time period.  All this information is complied and analyzed in a Weekly Sales Pipeline Report which provides a wealth of sales business intelligence to be used by management to make mission critical business decisions.

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Improve Sales Staff Efficiency and Effectiveness

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