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Tuesday, May 20, 2006 at 9:00pm EST - USA

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Hereís How It Works

Each month you are invited to join a content filled call with me Oreste "Rusty" D'Aversa the author of SELL More Technology NOW!  The calls will cover a variety of proven sales methods and practices to help you close more technology based deals, increase sales productivity and profitability.

These topics include:

- How to Create a Successful Technology Sales Plan
- Time and Territory Management
- Understanding Customersí Needs: What Does Your Customer Really Need, Want and Desire from Your Technology based Product or Service
- How To Tell People Exactly What You Do In 90 Seconds!
- How To Fill the Sales Pipeline with Hot Leads
- Easy and Stress Free Cold Call Techniques for technology Professionals
- How and Where To Find Good Clients!
- Moving the Deal Faster Ö Youíre the Quarterback - Managing a Technology Based Deal
- The Sales Deal Blueprint: How to Close Every Deal
- The Sales Process: The 8 Most Important Steps to Close Every Technology Deal
- The Sales Process Questionnaire: Your Secret Weapon to Help You Maximize Every Opportunity
- Sales Call Preparation: The More You Know, The Faster You Close
- Presentations: Less Is More (How to be Concise and on Point Every Time)
- Demonstrations Ė If People Want to See Apples, Donít Show Them Oranges
- Proposals That Get Attention But Donít Bore People to Death
- Objections Are a Good Thing! (They Move You Closer to Getting the Deal)
- The Contract Phase: Negotiate To Win!
- Understanding and Out Selling Your Competition
- How to Close The Deal and Deliver What you Promise
- How to Evaluate and Improve Every Part of Your Sales Process

- And much, much more proven, practical and valuable sales techniques, methods and concepts that you can use immediately to help you close more deals in less time!

A Summary of Each Call Via Email

Within 24 hours of each call, you will receive a written summary of the information provide in the TeleSeminar. This a great way to create a valuable reference library of technology sales information that you can have available any time you choose to review the information.

How Much Does it Cost?

Only $29 per call

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