Sales Coaching

What is a Sales Coach?

Professionals in all walks of life need and use coaching to improve there performance.  Be it in the sports world or in the business world coaching will help you reach your goals and objectives.  There is no need to go it alone any longer!

Giving you the feedback you need to improve your Sales Success, a Sales Coach is a professional with various skills, including:

Manager - to break down goals into tasks that can be accomplished

Mentor - someone who can provide leadership, guidance and direction

Personal Trainer - one who will keep you motivated on your path

As a Sales Coach I work with clients for a given length of time (1, 3, 6 months or custom programs), for one hour per week on the telephone. During this time,  I help you set achievable and measurable goals; provide you with feedback, perspective, and encouragement; and help develop new strategies for tackling challenges, issues and concerns..

Wherever you are in your sales career, a Sales Coach can help you with reach your goals.

As a client of SELL More Technology NOW!, you will be working with me a senior sales management professional with a proven track record selling technology based products and services to senior management and who has successfully managed and mentored sales team before. 

Work with a Coach who understands your world, your dreams and aspirations! Call me today at 201-727-9368 and be on the road to technology sales success!

Contact me today at 201-391-1921 to get your FREE Marketing and Sales Analysis (a $500 Value). Learn your strengths and areas that need improvement so you can start closing more business, generating more revenue and have more job satisfaction immediately!

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