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Résumé Services

Want to know why your Resume isn't getting you the interviews you want – and need?

In today's competitive employment market, you have to get an employer’s attention immediately and make it easy decision for them to call you. The best – and in many cases only – way to do that is with an effective Resume. Unfortunately, many common resume errors make it impossible for job seekers to get interviews and land job offers.

If you have been seeking employment for some time and are not getting the results you desire, chances are good that your Resume is large part of the problem.

Take the first step to more job interviews – and get the edge over your competition – by contacting us today, toll free, at 1-800-803-6563. We’ll give you a professional evaluation of your Resume, free of charge.

To get a great job, you need a great Resume!

A Resume is your most important document of your job search!

Did you know that most resumes receive less than 14 seconds of attention from hiring authorities?

Your Resume needs to be clear, concise, and must powerfully communicate your achievements. You may think the purpose of a resume is to get you a job, but in reality, a well-prepared Resume gets you the interview that gets you a job. People hire people not Resumes!

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1. It’s too long and contains too many details. Tip: A resume should never be more than 2 pages.

2. It rambles - the information is not organized properly and/or is poorly formatted

3. It Oversells. Tip: Always avoid "I can do everything" or "I will do anything" approaches.

4. Mistakes. Tip: Always proofread for typos, grammatical errors, and misspelled words.

5. Use of gimmicks. Tip: Forget about odd paper colors, strange fonts, irregular paper shapes and sizes, and photos. Professionalism is key.

6. Poor employment history -- too much "job hopping."

7. Gaps in employment are not addressed or adequately explained.

8. Too much of an emphasis on what you want and not enough on what you can do for your future employer.

9. Incomplete information.

10. Improper use of adverbs, too many qualitative adjectives. Be quantitative – employers want to see results and benefits.

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 Resume Preparation Services

Building Better Careers Through Distinctive Resumes!

"I help job-seeking clients outshine and outsell the competition with a well-written and attractively designed Resume and Cover Letter package"

With our extensive background in recruiting and hiring, along with years of experience preparing, consulting and delivering hundreds of resumes for job seekers in a broad array of industries, we know what employers want!

Our Resumes and cover letters open the doors to more and better interviews.

Resume Writing Service include:

1. Evaluation, consultation and professional writing services. You will work one-on-one with a recognized expert in the field of hiring and interviewing practices, and benefit from ‘real-world’ coaching on your job search from a industry professional. You will  receive my book The Resume Writing Kit
(a $59 Value - wwwTheResumeWritingKit.com) The Only book you will ever need to prepare your Resume. 

2. Cover Letter Template. This valuable resource teaches you how to write Cover Letters for any opportunity.

3. Career Sites Listing.
Hardcopy listing of links to web sites for posting your Resume.

4. Your professional written Resume, delivered on disk.

25 copies of your Resume on 24lb Fine Linen Business Paper with 25 blank Cover Letter sheets and
25 business envelopes.


BONUS 1: Cover Letter Library (Data-CD) - The Cover Letter Library Data-CD (A $49 Value) is a Microsoft Word document contains over 120 sample cover letters that you can use to template your own cover letters!

BONUS 2: POWER Interviewing (Manual) - POWER Interviewing: Proven Interview Techniques That Get You Results! (A $99 Value) This 43 page Manual will give you the edge of your competition and teach you how to interview more effectively so you get that job of your dreams!

BONUS 3:Guerrilla Networking (Audio CD) - Guerrilla Networking Audio CD (A $29 Value) gives you 10 Proven Techniques You Need to Know to Network Successfully and Get More Leads Immediately!

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Call now Toll Free at
1-800-803-6563 and be on the road to more interviews with our proven Resume preparation techniques that get results to get your ideal job!

Contact Metropolitan Executive Search and Outplacement Services for your free Resume Evaluation and a copy of our article,
"Learn How to Conduct a Successful Job Search in the New Economy."

"Make an investment in yourself, your career and your future!"