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Today's employment market isn't pretty. Mergers and acquisitions, workforce down-sizing and rapidly technological change are creating a highly volatile and competitive environment. Is your organization prepared to face these challenges?

Metropolitan Executive Search and Outplacement Services can help your organization position itself for success. At one time available only to large corporations, Metropolitan is now making these services available - and cost-effective - for small and medium-sized companies.

How can Outplacement Services help your organization?

- By Providing immediate support to furloughed employees and staff, delivering practical job search skills to help them get back in the workforce

- Helping to maintain the morale and productivity of the remaining workforce

- Creating a positive atmosphere and company perception for current and future employees

Why should you choose Metropolitan to provide these valuable services?

- We are experienced human resource, recruiting and outplacement professionals, with real world experience in the placement industry

- We will create customized programs to meet your company's specific needs
- We deliver high quality and exceptional service at affordable rates

Available Services:

- Consulting for Transitioning Employees
- Job Search Workshops
- Career Center Management
- Resume Preparation Workshops
- Individualized Career Services

Call today at 201-391-1921 for a FREE consultation and a copy of our resource:

"How Can Outplacement Services Help Small to Medium Sized Companies in the New Economy?"

See how Metropolitan Executive Search and Outplacement Services can help your company downsizing fairly, efficiently and at a reasonable cost!