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Oreste "Rusty" D'Aversa has over twenty years experience in various aspects of corporate work in a host of different industries. In his current role as owner of Metropolitan Executive Search and Outplacement Services (MESOS) he is an Executive Recruiter, Outplacement/Career Consultant, Job Search Coach, former Human Resources and Hiring Manager and Author.

Mr. D'Aversa has worked with such corporations as: IBM, American Express, TyCom amongst other Fortune 1000 companies, medium and small companies, entrepreneurs,  as well as individuals. From transitioning separated employees from their current employer, to training and consulting in the various facets of the job search, entrepreneurship (Self - Employment) and Personal Coaching, so individuals can reach their professional and personal goals.

In his capacity as an Executive Recruiter, works with companies to find qualified candidates for placement. He is one of the "Gatekeepers" who prepares job postings, reviews Resumes and interviews candidates for hiring companies. He has appeared on radio and television as well  as being a  Speaker and Coach for the nationally renowned 6FigureJobs.com. Rusty is author of the information product, THE RESUME WRITING KIT ™, (www.TheResumeWritingKit.com), The Step-ByStep Networking Kit (www.NetworkLikeAPro.com) which is ultimate guide to write an effective Resume.

His well-rounded background also includes experience in: Management, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Information Technology, Software and Services, Human Resources and Recruiting. Having "Real World" experience as a human resources/hiring manager and a recruiter, Mr. D'Aversa offers clients practical solutions for getting hired in today's economy.