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Job Search Services

Looking for a job is a full time job - why not let a professional do that work for you?

Based on your individual preferences, Metropolitan Executive Search and Outplacement Services will:

1. Evaluate and prepare your Resume.

2. Perform forty(40) hours of market research to identify companies that would potentially hire a person with your skills and document companies found matching your criteria.

3. Act as your personal recruiter. With available Premium Services, we can also make sure your mailings garner maximum attention, are remembered, and are received by prospective employers.

4. Provide confidential promotion of your credentials using. Metropolitan Executive Search and Outplacement Services as your contact agent.

5. Broker meetings and/or teleconference calls between you and hiring authorities.
6. Provide consultation and coaching for interviews.

Professionals in an array of industries have agents representing their interests - you can, too!

Contact Metropolitan Executive Search and Outplacement Services at 1-800-803-6563 for your FREE Resume evaluation, Career consultation and a copy of our resource:

"Conducting a Successful Job Search in the New Economy"