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by Oreste J. D'Aversa

- Learn about God and World's Religions

- The 60 Minute Mind – Body – Spirit Workout:
The Simple Exercises to
Reduce Stress, Feel Better and
Achieve Peace of Mind!

- The Seven Simple Principles of Prosperity TM
Practical Exercises to Achieve a Rich,
Happy and Joyous Life!

- The Resume Writing Kit TM

- The Step-By-Step Networking Kit TM

- The Small Business Sales Success Guide

- SELL More Technology NOW! TM
Proven Sales Methods and
Established Practices that Deliver Results


- Killing Writer’s Block Dead:
Simple Ways To Beat The Writer’s Curse And Never
- Suffer Writer’s Block Again!

- The Exam Stress Buster:
Simple Step By Step Ways
To Do Your Best On Every Test!



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