Being Human

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We human beings are composed of four components.  The Physical (of the body), The Mental (of the Mind), The Emotional (of the Heart) and The Spiritual (of the Spirit). 

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These 4 components are interdependent upon one another.  What happens to one component has an impact on other the components.  Each of the components has a function of it’s own together comprise a human being or the attributes of being human.

If any of these four components are out of balance we experience “dis-ease”. When we experience “dis-ease” in the body it is sickness, when in the mind it is mental illness, when in the heart it is “heart ache” and when it is in the spiritual it is viewed as being “spiritually disconnected”.

To achieve optimum wellness each component need to needs to be kept free from “dis-ease”.  This is achieved by exercising each area.  The Physical is exercised by physical exercise, eating properly and keeping away from poisons for the body.   The Mental is exercised by reading proper periodicals, watching the appropriate things and doing positive visualizations, The Emotional is exercise by demonstrating acts of love; for self, those close to us and human kind, and The Spiritual is exercise by mediation and one connection to the Source, The Creator, God.



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