The Benefits of Listening to Your Angels - By Hilda Blair, CHt., ATP®

When a good friend of mine called me eight years ago to tell me about an angel therapy training class given by the author of over 20 angel books, Doreen Virtue, PhD., I knew instinctively that I had to go.  I knew nothing about angels or even what the course was about but something inside me would not let me pass up what would be the most life changing experience of my life.


I learned that we all have angels from birth who are with us to guide and assist during good and bad times.  What is amazing is that these angels have been waiting for us to give them permission to help us (since they cannot infringe on our freedom).  All we have to do is have faith and ask.


Believe me, I have tested this idea of angels helping me for the last eight years.  They have healed me from a chronic back condition when no doctor, chiropractor or acupuncturist could do the job.   I have asked them for large bonuses at work and they allowed me to receive the exact amount I asked for.  My company had not given bonuses to anyone in my position before.

One day I was asking them to help me find a new love relationship and thought of maybe going to the mall.  I jokingly asked the angels how I would meet someone in the mall.  I told them “is a man just going to come up to me, tap me on the shoulder and ask ‘Where’s Sears?’” 


I went to the mall anyway, and guess what.  I was walking through the mall when a good-looking man taped me on the shoulder, and asked me “where’s Sears?”  I will never question the angel’s guidance again. 


We need not only use intuition to listen to the angels.  We can get guidance through angel oracle cards, pendulums, numbers and other angel signs, and there is no limit to what we can request.


We all have a powerful alley in the angels and it is sad to think that we sometimes feel we are all alone.  We have access to miracles and, I am sure, many of us can use a miracle now and then.  Speak to your angels and let in a world of love.




Hilda Blair, CHt. ATP®, is an Angel Therapy Practitioner® who studied under Doreen Virtue, PhD. and gives angel psychic readings and angel workshops in Ramsey, NJ. She is also a Hypno-counselor certified in Hypnotherapy and is a member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapist and the International Medical and Dental Hypno-therapy Association.    Hilda also specializes in past life regression and attended the Newton Institute for life between life regression certification training.  She is also certified in Therapeutic Touch. She can be reached at 201-236-8976 website:  

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