Shift that Energy!

by Susan Ananian

Although we have the ability to choose our friends, we donít always have that luxury with our co-workers, family, or the guy on the bus sitting next ot us.  So a piece of advice....Listen to one of the smartest people you will ever know.  You.

You have all the information you will ever need to guide you.  So listen when you speak.  Use all your senses.  Tune into your body.  What is it saying to you?  Is your body speaking to you with anger, fear, saddness, or a persistant pain in your neck?

In our western culture, we are taught early on by our parents, family, peers.  To ďstop being a babyĒ, ďget over itĒ,etc.  It is not to your benefit that these people request putting these feelings away.  It may be for their comfort. 

Most of us , in our search for love and acceptance, have tried to please and have stuffed our feelings at some point.  Or perhaps we were overwhelmed with feeling.  However, we donít put them away in a little box in the closet.  We store them in our bodies.

Recent research has demonstrated that the mental processes of the mind are not confined to the brain.  Memories, trauma, emotions and resistances can be stored in the body and human energy field.  As we bring our awareness to these areas of self limitations, physical pain, fear, anger, etc., these old pattens can be released.   By unblocking the imbalance, the individualís innate healing ability canb be restored and stimulated to return the body to itís normal homeostasis and balance.

There is a simple technique for bringing your awareness to and releasing some of these energies.  Find a quiet place.  Turn off the phone, close your dooor with orders not to be disturbed, lie down and close your eyes.  Take a few deep breaths and locate that tightness, feeling or pain that you have.  Really focus on that spot.  Just sit with it and try to visualize it.  What color would it be?  What shape is it? Imagine yourself finding an opening in that colored shape and go inside.  What does it feel like.  What emotion is in there?  Then imagine it talking to you, telling you all about this emotion.  Donít try fixing it or changing it, just listen. 

Then notice what happens.  The color and shape will shift.  You are shifting this energy by bringing your awareness to this area of your body. If you still have any pain, stay with the new color.  Brownish or muddy colors indicate disharmony.  Bright clear colors indicate harmony.

By listening to our body and honoring the incredible information that is available, we can really begin to open up to the beautiful souls that we are really meant to be.

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About the Author

Susan Ananian is a Reiki Master who is also a Master Practitioner of the Ensofic Ray Healing modality, an advanced form of Reiki from Japan. She specializes in holistic family living and is known for her work with Indigo Children. Susan has practiced in the alternative healing arts since 1994.  She has traveled the world and studied under several leading master teachers and applies her expertise in working with children, families or individuals seeking personal growth and those suffering from chronic pain or disease. 

Susan has a private practice located in Midland Park, NJ and can be contacted at 201-236-0021.  Web site:

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