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Zen Jewelz by: Jen M.

Zen and the Art of Gemstones

By Dana Mirman

Looking for a new way to bring harmony, balance and spirituality to your life? Also want to add style and flair to your personal appearance? Zen Jewelz launches Zen and the art of Gemstones.

 “More people are seeking ways of healing these days,” observes jewelry designer Jennifer Mirman of Zen Jewelz. “And my gemstone jewelry combines healing with fashion and enhances my clients’ quality of life in a stylish way.  I am known for the quality of gemstones I use in my pieces.”

Gemstones have healing properties which can improve the wearer’s quality of life, Jennifer explains, while also looking beautiful.

 A Fashion Institute of Technology graduate and married mother of three boys, Jennifer, 36, was amazed when she realized that gems have healing power.

 “I was exploring Reiki and various kinds of healing, and I was drawn to gemstones,” Jennifer explains. “I was feeling energy moving through the stones. It was powerful. And I thought, maybe there’s more to these stones than just their beauty.’”

Intrigued, Jennifer got a book about gemstones, and was startled by what she learned.

 “It was incredible. I looked at the gemstones and the feeling I got was exactly what the book said I would be experiencing.”

Convinced of the gemstones’ power and inspired by their beauty, Jennifer got to work and designed a stunningly beautiful line of bracelets, necklaces and earrings which is on the cutting edge of both spiritual healing and fashion.

She launched Zen Jewelz last year. The jewelry has been a huge success. Pieces are currently available via or by appointment.

Jennifer’s commitment to an aesthetic philosophy which she calls “simple elegance” is present in every aspect of the jewelry line, from the pieces themselves to the presentation of the jewelry in exquisite boxes and displays.

“I hand-select all the gemstones,” Jennifer explains, “and I use only high-quality gemstones with sterling silver and 18-karat gold to compliment each piece.”

Jennifer also takes the additional step of “cleansing” all her stones before using them, a process taken from Native American custom in which Jennifer burns sage to “clear the stones’ energy” and to ensure positive energy is associated with each gem.

To understand how wearing Jennifer’s jewelry can heal your life, one must first understand the basics of chakras. Her collections are based on the chakra system.  “There are seven main chakras, or meridians, in the body,” says Jennifer, “and each chakra corresponds to a different gemstone that can balance that area. When one chakra is off balance, your life can get off balance, and wearing gemstones can correct that.”

The first chakra, for instance, is the “root chakra,” which is about being “grounded, providing security, success, and balance.” To impact this chakra, Jennifer wears Smokey quartz or garnet.

The second chakra is the sacral chakra, which is connected to sexuality, passion and intimate emotions, and which can be aided by carnelian. The solar plexus, or power center, is the site of the third chakra, which relates to good fortune, joy, energy and vitality and for which one would wear citrine or tiger’s eye.

Next is the fourth chakra, at the heart, which affects love, peace, hope and compassion; wear peridot and tourmaline to balance this chakra.

If you are interested in self-expression and creativity, then you’ll want to wear an item featuring aquamarine, blue topaz or blue lace agate in order to open up your fifth chakra, the throat chakra.

Amethyst is the gem which corresponds to the sixth chakra, which sits at the brow or the “third eye,” and which generates intuition, clairvoyance and psychic senses. Finally, to impact the seventh chakra, at the crown of the head, select jewelry featuring clear quartz and you’ll increase your wisdom, spirituality and enlightenment.

To achieve an overall balancing affect, Jennifer also offers chakra balancing jewelry, which impacts all the chakras in one piece.

For Jennifer, the best part of designing has been the incredible feedback and testimonials she’s received from her clients.

“The results that my clients have been getting from wearing the jewelry are just amazing,” she reports. “One woman bought a tiger’s eye necklace for good fortune. She called me later that evening to say that she sold her house that very same day. And another client received an aquamarine necklace (for courage and self expression) as a gift and the following week she became engaged.”

Jennifer has big plans for the future of Zen Jewelz. She has been working with Bloomingdales doing private trunk shows with record breaking sales. In the near future she plans to travel to celebrities, providing a unique service for them by creating one of a kind jewelry on the spot with a special healing and spiritual feel!

Through her creations for Zen Jewelz, Jennifer is helping her clients to realize their dreams─ and for Jennifer, that in itself is her own dream come true.

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