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The Business of Doing Business Marketing and Sales Career Development Self Help/Spirituality
Running a business entails much more than just being good at what you do.  It's about clients, employees, setting goals and profits. Do you have all the right tools to be successful in business? In today's competitive business environment you need to know how to get clients with proven and low cost marketing and sales techniques or you won't be in business for long! Get the tools you need to close more deals in less time! The art and science of getting a job has changed dramatically over the past 10 years do you have the necessary methods and techniques to have a long a prosperous career in today's marketplace? We're all here to make a difference.  In the lives of others and in our own life.  Are you growing in the areas that help to be prosperous - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?
Business Networking Internet Marketing Career Services Book/Article Writing
Customer Service Marketing Consulting Job Search Techniques Children Empowerment
Entrepreneurial Spirit Sales Management Resume Writing Fertility
Executive Development Sales Training Cover Letters Hypnosis
Goal Setting Sales Forecasting Interviewing Match Making (Dating)
Human Resources Sales Consulting Career Planning Mind Body Healing
Management Training Sales Training Salary Negotiation Prosperity
Negotiation Selling Technology   School Violence
Performance Small Business Selling   Stress Management
Problem Solving Sales for Non Sales
  Success Training
Test Taking
Public Speaking    
Time Management
Strategic Planning     Writer's Block


Marketing and Sales:

- Marketing and Sales:
Learn the Difference Between Them and Why You Must Have Them to Grow Your Business

- Attorneys Get Clients NOW:
7 Low Cost/No Cost Techniques for Attorneys to Get Clients in a Ethical and Professional Manner in Less than 30 Days

- Basic Selling Skills for Non-Sales Professionals:
Learn How to Sell Anything to Anybody!

- How Standardizing Your Sales Processes Using CRM Solutions Can Increase Your Sales Revenues By 50% or More in Less than One Year

- 10 Low Cost/No Cost Techniques You Can Use Immediately to Close More Business in 30 Days

- Sell More Technology Now!
Proven Sales Methods that Deliver Results!

- How to Get CEOs to Love You, Your Technology and Get Your Contracts Signed Faster!

  Business and Personal Networking:


  - Guerrilla Networking:
10 Proven Techniques You Need To Know To Network Successfully and Get  More Leads Immediately!


  Diversity Training:


 - Diversity in the New Millennium: We Can All Get Along,  Be Productive  and Prosper!

Corporate Wellness:

- Managing Stress in Today's Demanding Workplace:
Practical Exercises to Increase Productivity and Profitability in the Work Environment

Outplacement Services:

- How Can Outplacement Services Help Small to Medium Sized Companies In the New Economy?

Crisis Management:

- Manage Crisis in Your Organization:
Practical Tools to get Through the Tough Times and Start a Brighter Future

Educational Institutions

Careers Development:

- Effective Job Search Strategies:
Learn How to Conduct a Successful Job Search in the New Economy

-  Attention College Grads!
Seven Proven and Powerful Methods to Get the Job of Your Dreams in 90 Days or Less!

Stress Management:

- The 60 Minute Mind-Body-Spirit Work:
Three Simple Exercises to Reduce Stress, Feel Better and Achieve Peace of Mind

- Self Caring for Care Givers:
Practical, Simple and Proven Exercises to Feel Refreshed and Re-energized

Sports Performance:

- Increase Sport Performance:
Revolutionary Mental Exercises to Give You the Winning Edge!

Test Taking:

- The Exam Stress Buster:
Simple Step By Step Ways to Do Your Best on Every Test!

Violence Prevention:

- Empowering Your Children In the New Millennium:
Practical Tools for Children, Parents and Teachers

Other Talks

Alcoholism and Addiction

Alcoholism and Addiction:
Some Options to Handling a Growing Problem in Our Schools


- Autism: A Spiritual Perspective:
Options for Understanding and Clarification of the Disorder

Change Management:

- Managing Change in the Turn of the Century:
Learn to Accept Change and Lead a More Abundant, Happy and Fulfilling Life!


- Teachers Only! Managing Stress in the Classroom:
How to a Have a Peaceful and Productive Teaching Experience with Every Class You Teach


- Coping Strategies for Mothers:
Practical Techniques to Deal with Stress for Mothers and Children

Life Management and Prosperity:

- The Seven Simple Principle Principles of Prosperity:
Practical Exercise to Achieve a Rich, Happy and Joyous Life!

Life Purpose:

- Living Your Life's Purpose:
Learn How to Never Have Another Boring Day in Your Life Again!

Mind - Body - Spirit Connection:

- The 60 Minute Mind - Body - Spirit Work:
Three Simple Exercises to Reduce Stress, Feel Better and Achieve Peace of Mind

- Your Healing Temple:
Using the Power of Your Mind to Help Heal Your Body


- A Spiritual Journey:
From Addiction to Recovery - The Twelve Steps for a Rich, Happy and Loving Life


- Killing Writer’s Block Dead:
Simple Ways to Beat the Writer’s Curse and Never Suffer Writer’s Block Again!


- Introduction to Spirituality:
Learn to Connect to Your Spiritual Side and Live a Happy, Loving and Fulfilling Life!

The Peace Movement:

- Let There be Peace on Earth:
7 Things You Can Do Right Now to Bring Peace in Your Life and the World

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