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Dear Technology Based Businesses and Sales Professionals:

Are you struggling to close more business in your technology based company? Do you have a great technology product or service but aren't sure how to let prospects know about you? Are you frustrated with your current marketing and sales efforts for your technology based business and looking for fresh, new and unique ways to promote your business?

Do you see your competitors growing and wonder what they are doing to be so successful (even when you know their product or service isn't nearly as good as yours)?

Unfortunately, too many technology based businesses and professionals have strong technical skills, but
don't know how to attract new clients
! This is a common problem that I hear over and over again.

"Great Job!"

"Data Safe Services of Whippany, New Jersey  is a information security solutions provider that was technically able, but crippled when it came to the sales process. Utilizing the consulting services and training materials of SELL More Technology NOW! has resulted in better planning, execution and measurement of the sales process. The low-cost marketing ideas, example templates and processes look at technology sales from the entire life-cycle. I personally enjoyed working with Rusty as he is a highly motivated and business focused consultant. The value is measured in more sales for my company - Great Job!"

Thomas Brennan, CEO/President
Data Safe Services - East Hanover, NJ

Frequently, I get calls and emails from technology based businesses and sales people that express to me, in private, their feelings of frustration and anxiety in their marketing and sales efforts. Perhaps there are times when even you feel...

Frustrated with your inability to attract new clients.

Tired of networking with little or no results.

Discouraged because you can't seem to turn interested prospects into paying clients.

Annoyed because you're not getting the type or size of deals you had hoped for.

Puzzled as to what marketing and sales tactics you should be using and how to use them.

Confused because you are just starting out and don't know how to get your first clients.

I've even known a few technology based businesses and sales people that became so frustrated that they called it quits!

Contact me today at 201-483-8660 to get your FREE Marketing and Sales Analysis (a $200 Value). Learn your strengths and areas that need improvement so you can start closing more business, generating more revenue and have more job satisfaction immediately!

"...packed with actionable sales advice..."

"Your presentation was packed with actionable sales advice - not sales theories."

Edwin Woo, President - iNetvisors
Business Consultancy Specializing in Information Technology
for the New York Small Business Server (NYSBS) Group

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"Your book is exceptional, I’ve personally read the copy you gave me and it held my interest from beginning to end as it covered not just a few but all of the formulas needed to successful prospecting and selling.  I would say “Thumbs Up”, we certainly recommend you as a fantastic speaker. "

Martha DiMartino,  Vice President
LISTnet - Long Island Software and Technology Network - Great River, NY



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