“I Can Show You How To Beat Writers Block Forever, Stop Missing Important Deadlines And Never Waste Time Staring At A Blank Screen Again!”

 “If You Think That All Writers Get Blocked And There Is Nothing That Can Stop It You Are Dead Wrong – And I Can Prove It!”

 “It’s True – Writer’s Block Can Become A Thing Of The Past!”

Dear Friend,

Do you write for a living? Or, is writing an important component of your job? Perhaps you want to keep a journal or write a memoir?

Yet, for some reason you can never really seem to get started.

Most people who have made writing a part of their daily lives have problems from time to time. They end up staring at a blank screen for hours instead of getting their thoughts written. Or else, they procrastinate, put things off and miss important deadlines. Even worse are the people who never get the writing that is important to them done at all.

Writer’s Block can seem like an unavoidable curse!

Almost all of writers, even me, have suffered writers block from time to time. It can be the most frustrating feeling in the world! Why is it that we can bang out 20 pages of copy on one day and then not be able to write anything at all the next!

When you are afflicted with writer’s block you can feel useless and end up wasting a lot of your valuable time!

But, it doesn’t have to be this way!

Yes, from time to time we will all experience the writer’s curse – but it can be beaten, and I can show you how!


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Beating Writer’s Block Is All About Taking The First Step And Keeping Yourself Motivated!

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Oreste “Rusty” D’Aversa and I’ve beaten writer’s block and made it a thing of the past.

If you are a writer, you know that when you finally get over writer’s block your words almost instantly flow out of you. As long as you can get those first few sentences out, the rest is easy and writer’s block is a thing of the past for that day.

But, you never know if it will return tomorrow.

On the other hand, what if there was a proven system that could help you get those first ideas onto the page and push you to write until you were over the hurdle.

Simply by taking that first step, writer’s block would become a thing of the past.

That’s why I’m so excited about this new audio disk I have prepared: Killing Writer’s Block Dead: Simple Ways To Beat The Writer’s Curse And Never Suffer Writer’s Block Again!

This remarkable audio CD shows you an incredible step-by-step process to make sure that writer’s block is a thing of the past!

You will not believe how productive you will become every time you sit down at the computer to start writing!

You will never waste time again staring at a blank screen!

You’ve Spent Years Trying To Beat Writer’s Block And Failed! Why Should You Trust Me? Well, Let Me Tell You A Little Bit About Myself!

As a fellow writer, I can understand if you are skeptical that there really is a way to beat writer’s block that can work for you in just a few simple steps. After all, you’ve probably been fighting writer’s block your whole life, and constantly losing the battle.

I understand.

I’ve been there.  But, I’m also one of the most motivated people in the world and I kept at it until I figured out why I was getting blocked and how to beat it.

I realized that in the past I was combating the symptom of writer’s block – not being able to write – rather than the causes, which are rooted in stress, learning to relax and focus.

Once I changed my approach beating writer’s block became simple!

Over the past few years I have published several successful books, business guides and audio CDsincluding:

- The Resume Writing Kit TM

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For the past several years I have also been a business consultant and run very popular business and sales seminars in both New York City metropolitan area.

I am also ordained as a minister by the New Seminary in New York. 

As a writer, businessman and minister, I need to write every day. Without this system I would be totally lost.

That’s how I know it works – because if it didn’t I would be out of a job!

Now Let Me Tell You Exactly What
Killing Writer’s Block Dead:
Simple Ways To Beat The Writer’s Curse And Never Suffer Writer’s Block Again!

Will Do For You!

Killing Writer’s Block Dead: Simple Ways To Beat The Writer’s Curse And Never Suffer Writer’s Block Again! is not a bunch of pie in the sky theory. It’s not weird mental trick that might work once and then fail when you really need it.

Instead it is a simple, proven step by step method to change the way you look at writing and how you attack the root causes of writer’s block.

Because it is a step by step method, you learn quickly and easily how to kill writer’s block.

Anyone can master these tips and learn how to:

·      Work consistently – so you can plan exactly how much time you need to get your writing done.

·      Stop wasting time and procrastinating – and get as much writing done as you can, without sacrificing quality!

·      How to keep yourself motivated – so you can write well, even if you are bored by the topic or just don’t feel like doing it!

·      Manage your deadlines, so you get your work in ahead of time, and stop making excuses for getting your work done late!

·      Beat distractions in your workplace that make it hard to get the writing you need done!

·      Become more confident in your own natural writing style – because worrying about your writing being good enough is the number one cause of long term writer’s block!

·      Understand your writing patterns – and recognize what it is that causes your blocked days, and how to avoid falling into the same traps over and over again!

·      Use the system I used to write this letter when I felt writer’s block approaching me this morning!

·       Much, much more!

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As a businessman, I know that one of the most important keys to long term success is keeping your reputation. Part of that is putting your money where your mouth is and backing up every single product you sell.

That’s why I’m offering Killing Writer’s Block Dead: Simple Ways To Beat The Writer’s Curse And Never Suffer Writer’s Block Again! to you 100 percent risk free.

All I ask is that you order the CD, listen to it and make a sincere effort to put these tips, tricks and secrets to work for you.

Risk Free Guarantee

If, after 30 days, you don’t find that you are writing more than you ever have before, and wasting less time – that could be spent with your friends and family – simply send the CD back to me. I’ll refund your purchase price.

That’s my comprehensive no ifs, ands or “but I don’t know what to write” guarantee.

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Simple Ways To Beat The Writer’s Curse And Never Suffer Writer’s Block Again!

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Aren’t you tired of looking at blank screen?

Or surfing the web when you really know that you should be getting your report, sales letter or journal written?

Stop wasting time and putting your hard earned reputation at risk!

Every day you put off purchasing Killing Writer’s Block Dead: Simple Ways To Beat The Writer’s Curse And Never Suffer Writer’s Block Again! is a day that you could have being all you can be as a writer!

This is the system I developed through hard earned trial and error.

I know it will work for you because it worked for me!

I couldn’t have written this web site letter without it!

Today is the day to make writer’s block a thing of the past!

Thank you,

Oreste J. D'Aversa

Oreste “Rusty” D’Aversa

P.S. Remember this CD is 100 percent guaranteed! You risk nothing if it does not help you kill writer’s block dead!

P.P.S. I understand how nasty writer’s block can be from my own personal experience. That’s how I know that this incredible step by step system can really work for you!

P.P.P.S. You don’t have to suffer from writer’s block anymore!

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